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Everything you need from Salt Water Disposal, Minerals, Oil and Gas Leases to Production.
                We buy and Sell oil and gas businesses,  anywhere and anytime.  Oil and Gas production,  Leases,   Minerals,  chemical  and Service Companies,    And Equipment.                    
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WATER FLOOD SECONDARY RECOVERY..................................................

 Norris Streetman, Oklahoma Licensed Real Estate Broker since 1986, and an oil & gas landman,  as well as an investor in the oil & gas industry since 1981.  He lives in the heart of Oklahoma,  the third largest oil producing state in the United States. Norris has traveled throughout the United States on numerous  oil & gas industry developments since 1982. If you are wanting to invest in the oil & gas industry, his national and world wide team is willing to provide help in the acquisitions and liquidations relating to all entities of the oil & gas industry.

Oil and Gas Buyer Prospect Searching for:

  •   Specific interest in companies with revenue less than or equal to $25,000,000           .
  •   Specific interest in companies with EBITDA less than or equal to $25,000,000.
  •   Specific interest in a Capital Raise (pre-revenue), Growth Capital (post-    revenue) or Recapitalization transaction. transactions.  Specific interest in companies seeking                                Equity Investments.  Specific interest in companies located in located in the United States or Canada.
  •   Interest in the following Industries:  Energy & Utilities > Energy Equipment & Services o    Oil & Gas Drilling              o    Oil &    Gas Equipment & Services Energy & Utilities > Utilities o    Water Utilities Energy & Utilities                               > Oil, Gas & Consumable    Fuels o    Oil & Gas Exploration & Production o    Oil & Gas Refining & Marketing                                                                  o    Oil & Gas Storage & Transportation  o    Integrated Oil & Gas


We would be interested in exploring business opportunities in the Bakken, Three Forks and Trenton reserves located in North Dakota, Montana and Canada. We would also look at the Niobrara and the Eagle Ford areas.

This would include gas and oil leases, mineral rights, land opportunities, farmland, ranches, cattle feedlots, irrigated fruits and trees, vegetables ground.

We also have a flair for development land with a team of talent to employ on these resources. We have a commercial development acquisition and development team, a commercial and residential construction team and alliances with directional drilling, pipe bursting, lining and cure in place technologies for infrastructure repair.


   Here's info about my oil production for sale.  It's the Jones Lease located in the S2 SE 20-7N-17W in Kiowa County down by Hobart.   The oil production is very shallow down here, around 1100-1200 feet deep with high gravity oil around 42 gravity.  It's an 80 acre lease with two wells that together produce about 7 BOPD, with an untouched zone behind pipe in one of the wells that is the same oil sand that produced from the lease across the fence 330 feet away.   The wells are producing from the Pontotoc Conglomerate that's loosely cemented together, and responds well to high pressure acid fracs. 
   The lease has two #16 Jensen pump jacks with 2 3/8" tubing and tubing pumps;
3 HP single phase motors; 2- 300BBL tanks; a 3x10 SWKO; and a 2 PC fiberglass 210 BBL saltwater tank.   
   I have run tickets, logs and more info for you as you need them.   This lease has been my main producer for a couple of years, and was NEVER going to be up for sale, as I had plans to develop the rest of the 80 acres, but due to circumstances beyond my control I am forced to put it up.   I have studied this area intensely for about 8 years, and know things about the local geology that most guys don't, as I have mapped the area using existing logs and structure maps.   Spacing is only 330 feet, so there is lots of potential here.



 Oil and Gas Mineral Rights For Sale 

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